what is online marketing

According to Keith, Fletcher (1995), online marketing This is known as electronic marketing. It is included in the category of computer terminals network where all computers can communicate with the user's computer and allows a user to the public for accessing data in the center of their marketing.

Other authors of the opinion of Eric N. Berkowitz et al.(1996), online marketing known as online databases and CD-ROM. With a personal computer, a modem and some communications software so we can reach nearly 5,000 online databases. This online database is actually divided into two categories, namely: -
  1. Index to articles through the publication of the search engine keyword search (keywords)
  2. Statistics and data directories of products and firms (companies)
In my opinion about online marketing or internet marketing is the marketing of physical products, services (service) and digital products using the Internet media. Internet media is vast, covering the site, Minisite, blogs, forums, social sites, marketing using email, marketing, using ads on popular web sites and so on. In a nutshell what I call the Internet media is a tool that can be used prudently in making promotions on the Internet
There should be a marketing tool in online marketing (Internet marketing)
  1. Website
  2. Blog
  3. E-mail address and know how to email marketing
  4. Social networking site Facebook account or twiter
  5. Computer and internet
  6. Knowledge of Internet marketing or online (including seo, all of the above, ad, fb marketing techniques, and variety of knowledge that is easy but important)
  7. There must be a youtube account to upload videos of your product. See how I upload a video
This means that you have to know the architecture Minisite, or blog, They must learn email marketing knowledge, they need a facebook or twitter account, be diligent in forums related to surrogate market products, most importantly, you have to have computer and internet connection.
Do not do it without the promotional website or blog, if you have a website or blog do hope that visitors enter the web / blog, because in this world there are hundreds of millions of websites, they are looking for based on keywords and interests.
what is online marketing ??? So..??